Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lahore bomb blasts and a prayer to a Mother

In His Name
The Giver and Preserver of Life

I had never thought of so much of loosing you tonight
In the midst of the blasts commemorating the death of Imam Ali
O Lahore, O Lahore, O Lahore
Yet also commemorating the birth of a new dawn
A dawn upon which every morning a believer wakes upto
As the history and the saga of the return of the last One is awaited
My Mahdi

O Our Master, I bow my head in your honor
Please hasten your return
The separation manifests itself
In the cries and shrieks of those who love you
I thought that I had dream of you
Unlike the dreams of Lady Fatima
Where she stands still and my hands extend to touch the corner of her abaya
I only saw dust rise above
Were you coming or going – I cared not any more

To return to the matter of the heart
O mother, O separated mother
I was prickled because of my weak faith and more than anything else
Of the utter separation from you for the last 8 years
Loosing your spirit soaring to the eternal abode
And me remained hither on earth, wailing and crying

O my beloved mother, o separated mother
Such is our destiny and fate for now
Lets be patient, let us remind our-selves
It cant be any more painful than the wait for the hujja
The awaited one
Now I soar high and high, with spirits nigh
I have a smile and tear drops on my face
I accept this separation for it is nothing compared to that to our separation from our Imam

Though, I have last thing to say
As the orphans mourn their loss tonight
Ya Imam, please console their hearts
Grant them patience
Raise them as your soldiers on the day of raja
Those and those lost

Better else Imam
Visit them tonight
Console them
Ya Imam Ya Syedi Ya Mahdi
For the Love and the sake of the Prophet
For the Family of the Prophet
For the Companions of the Prophet
I beg leave